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Kira and Ray Del Rosario
While going through the immigration process, we often wished that there was a site where we could read about how to go about it. 

Most websites we visited were either listings of links to general information and visa type statuses and wait times, or randomly arranged comment boards. None offered any personal insight into the process and success stories based on actual experiences.

As we started our life together in the US, we also wanted to have a go-to site where we could learn about the necessary adjustments, how to level off and better understand the cultural nuances.

We hope to provide that here.

We’re not lawyers or members of any immigration assistance organization or agency, thus we’re not offering any kind of professional advice. We’re just here to offer you some real-life experiences, from two people who lived, breathed, and lost sleep, but were successful with the visa application and petition process.

While our stories are understood and seen in our point of views as two individuals with Philippine roots, it does not mean that readers from other countries and other nationalities cannot relate to it. 

This blog won't show the glitzy life of living in the land of excess, but will show a realistic and sometimes cerebral way to navigate through life as an immigrant in the US.  

If you are going through the US immigration process, have just immigrated or are simply curious about the life of the immigrant, this site is your companion.

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