Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Required Ph Documents When Petitioning a Filipino Spouse to the US

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If you are a Filipino married to a U-S citizen and you both decide to settle in the United States, you will go through the U-S immigration process.

First, your American citizen spouse will have to file and receive approval for a petition and affidavit of support on your behalf with the U-S-C-I-S. Then, you will file the immigrant visa application. The process can take between eight and 12 months to finish.

To make sure that the petition goes smoothly and does not extend to more than a year, the both of you will have to make sure that you properly fill out your U-S-C-I-S forms. 

As the beneficiary, you also have to make sure that you do your part in obtaining several required documents from government and private agencies in the Philippines.

As the beneficiary, you will need to prepare:

1.     A copy of your N-S-O birth certificate to establish your identity

2.     A copy of your N-S-O marriage certificate to prove the legality of your marriage

3.     A copy of the Commission on Filipinos Overseas Guidance and Counseling Certificate, after which you will need to get a CFO stamp in your passport. You will also need this to get your…

4.     Philippine passport renewed under the name of your spouse, if you are female.

5.     2x2 color passport photos for the I-130 petition and for the immigrant visa application.

6.     Even if the medical exam comes much later in the petition process, make sure that your vaccination record or certification is ready for your appointment at St. Luke’s.

7.     You will also be required to submit an N-B-I clearance. It’s only valid for a year so make a request when you have an estimate departure date so it’s at least valid a few months before your target date.

These are just the required documents from the Filipino spouse. The American spouse will also need to present several documents on his or her end.  #


  1. Hello good day! Ask ko lang po ung sa names sa forms. Should I use my husband's surname as my surname when filling up I130 even if my passport hasnt been renewed yet? We just got married this month and planning to submit the forms next month; and the earliest I can schedule for passport renewal is on Feb. TIA!

    1. By law, you can opt to keep your surname but as soon as you're married, you can legally use your husband's last name as well. It is your decision whether or not you want to use your husband's last name- just make sure that you are consistent in all of your documents. All the best to your application processing!