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7 Go-to Sites for Filipinos Immigrating as Spouses, Partners of US Nationals

US Embassy in Manila Website | 7 Go-to Sites for Filipinos Immigrating as Spouses, Partners of US Nationals
The US Embassy Website in the Philippines

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If you’re a spouse or fiancé/fiancée who is planning to immigrate to the US for love, these websites will be helpful to your journey. 

For your requirements in the Philippines, you will need the following websites:


Depending on your visa category, immigration will require basic documents such as birth certificate, certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) and marriage certificate. You can either make a personal request at the nearest Serbilis Center or visit this National Statistics Office-accredited website for an online request. You will pay more but it will save you time and spare you the stress of queuing in long lines.

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2. www.cfo.gov.ph 

All partners of foreign nationals leaving the Philippines or those planning to take their husband's last name need a Commission on Filipinos Overseas Guidance and Counseling Certificate. The CFO only has offices in Manila and Cebu but you will be able to register online and check for requirements through their website. 

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3. www.slec.ph 

The Saint Luke’s Medical Center Extension Clinic in Bocobo Street, Manila, is the only authorized medical facility in the Philippines for all those immigrating to the US. Passing the medical examination is a requirement for all US immigrants. The SLEC website is an appointment portal where you can also check the vaccination requirements as well as other necessary documentation requirements for the examination. 

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4. www.manila.usembassy.gov 

The website of the American Embassy in Manila provides updated and reliable information on visa and immigration. 

If you are either phonocentric or more of a visual data consumer, they also have a Youtube channel where you can get interview tips and other instructions. 

5. www.immigration.gov.ph 

The Philippine immigration website is for your foreign partner or spouse. If he or she intends to stay longer than the allowable 30 days, he or she will need to get a visa extension at a nearby Bureau of Immigration office or satellite office.   

If you are the petitioner in the US, these websites will be your primary source of information and updates: 

6. www.uscis.gov 

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website provides resources for all of the most up-to-date immigration forms and form instructions, as well as case status checking tools, appointment portals, and office locators. The site covers all immigration and visa categories, and offers links to news, events, and articles. 

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7. www.travel.state.gov 

The travel.state.gov website is the website for the US Department of State’s Office of Visa Services in the Consular Affairs Bureau, which serves as a liaison with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as well as liaison between the US Department of State and the US Embassies and Consulate offices abroad on all US visa matters. 

The Bureau of Consular Affairs interprets laws and regulations, and is the point of contact for the public. This website contains interpretations and processes for all visa categories and types for the public to use as directions and guides on any US visa. 

The National Visa Center processes all documents and forms for immigrant visa applications, and the travel.state.gov website provides a roadmap for the entire process from start to finish. Through the Consular Electronic Application Center, applicant may submit online payments for form processing, as well as submit forms online that are required for a particular stage of the process.#  

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