Saturday, April 18, 2015

I am a Filipino Immigrant...

San Diego Bay | I am a Filipino Immigrant...
At the bay near the San Diego USS Midway Museum

She writes...

I am a Filipino Immigrant...

Away from my homeland, detached from my roots
I am a beginner in many strange lands.

I am East, I am West
I am North, I am South.
I can conform to the norm  
wherever I am.

The “Pearl of the Orient Seas”
is my motherland.

I speak English, I talk Mandarin
My accent is Canadian, my lilt Australian.
I conjugate in Spanish, I write in Korean
I speak the language of where I am.

Raised bilingual, even multilingual,
Filipino is my lingua franca.

I eat chapati, I eat pasta, I eat fries,
I subsist with rice,
Herbs, peppers and spice.
I prefer my spaghetti sweet and nice.
My palate is changeable,
My values non-negotiable.

My identity is as diverse
as my country’s 7,000 islands.
With the right tools and tutelage,
My abilities are adaptable, even unlimited.

Everything dear, I hold near,
I alter, I remain.

My mind is malleable,
Expanding to understand complexities.
Molded, sharpened, and wielded
Never crushed, never broken, never winded.

With doubt, my outlook is bleak and I lose sight.
Take away inhibitions, it again turns bright.

My spirit is firmly rooted
Relentless when hope is scant
Unswerving through every difficulty
Conquering adversity, I can.

My heart is beating ember
steadfastly burning.

Consumed by familial devotion,
And temperate through rain or snow
I draw my warmth from my country’s sun
that radiates through all storms.

Everything around me I absorb
without forgetting who I am. #

Read the Filipino version of this Poem by clicking on the link below:
Ako ay Isang Imigranteng Filipino

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