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Reliable Courier Services for Love-in-a-box

care package | Reliable Courier Services for Love-in-a-box
Care package contents
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When in a modern day long distance relationship, technology and a good Internet connection are your BFFs.

Yet even in this time of digital romance, some traditional expressions of love never go out of style. These include sending handwritten love letters and sweet little trinkets that serve as thoughtful reminders that someone across the pond cares.  

Technology may somehow ease the loneliness of being miles away from your loved one, but tangible proofs of love can even make the person seem closer.  

The following are some of the courier services we used and a short service review. 

Postal Service 

The post office was so far the cheapest way of sending care packages via air parcel post from the Philippines to the United States and you can even track its delivery status at

Sending via post office was cheaper by a thousand pesos or more than sending it to private couriers plus US post even delivers on Saturdays while other private couriers do not. So if you send your parcel on a Wednesday or Thursday, it may be received on a Saturday compared to other couriers that usually wait until Monday.

Mail and parcel delivery from the Philippines to US has been very reliable based on our experience but we have only sent at the UP Post Office. These were delivered on time, usually between five and 10 days depending on whether it's special or ordinary mail.

The Postal Service in the US (USPS) is very efficient and reliable, with highly and extremely rare exceptions. There is no real difference in cost or time-to-deliver if the package is sent to a residential or business address. The USPS doesn’t make those types of distinctions like other courier services. USPS services have been around for a long time, and its value of services is high.

However, we did not have a good experience with letters sent to the Philippines via post. What should have taken two weeks usually took a month or more. This was true even with communication from the USCIS. Open letters reached their destination faster but it gave one the feeling that sealed letters took longer because they went through your mail.

As much as we feel bad implying that there are dishonest people working as postal workers or carriers in the Philippines, the reality is that if a piece of mail from the US is the same size as a greeting card (that may have some type of gift enclosed), it might be opened before it reaches its destination. For example, we sent a greeting card to the Philippines with the envelope intentionally left open at the top with only a thin piece of tape about ¼” wide to keep the card from falling out. This slightly open card (in which one could easily see its contents), arrived sooner than other cards that were sealed when mailed in the US, but partially opened upon arrival.

As with all mailed items to and from either the Philippines or the US, do not send anything of value overseas through the US mail.

Sending packages from the US through the post was NEVER an option because of the endless horror stories about parcels never reaching destination, additional taxes, and some items getting stolen. 


In the Philippines, FedEx has a handbook containing rules and regulations of parcel sending worldwide. While we some countries require permit to receive packages, in the Philippines, you need a permit from MTRCB to send videos even if they are your wedding videos or even if you are the independent filmmaker who produced the videos.

FedEx delivery in the US went between four and five days. There were some unnecessary delays encountered to incoming packages in the Philippines, mostly because delivery men said they could not find the home address. The package was received earlier that one time it was sent to the office.

For some reason, it’s both cheaper and faster to send packages from the US to a business address in the Philippines. We’ve sent packages from the US via FedEx International Economy to both Philippine residential and business addresses, and noticed that packages sent to a Philippine business address were consistently likely to arrive on time or earlier than expected. It isn’t certain if the early arrivals happen because business addresses in the Philippines are easier to find than residential ones, or if it’s because packages going to business addresses are less likely to be held up in customs, if at all.

Whatever the reason for the difference in delivery time, it is best to read and adhere to the FedEx rules regarding prohibited or regulated items. Simple yet precise descriptions of the sent items on the customs forms should also ensure a smooth delivery within the timeframe expected.

Like other major courier services, FedEx offers email alerts for all types of delivery events, from delays and exceptions to final delivery details. Compared to other couriers, FedEx was consistently the cheaper option sending from the US to the Philippines. 


It was the most expensive among the three couriers we used but delivery was a day earlier. Sending a package from the Philippines to a business address in the US was cheaper and faster than to a residential address.

We only used UPS for Philippines-to-US package and letter-sized deliveries, and never had a problem. Like FedEx, UPS offers email alerts for all types of delivery events, from delays and exceptions to final delivery details.#


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