Wednesday, January 21, 2015

And the Rest is Loveonexcel

She writes...
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One November afternoon in 2012, a friend called me and said she wanted me to meet someone.

She gave me his name, and being the cyberstalker that I am, I searched for him on Facebook.

He looked young in his profile photo, so I wasn’t interested.

More than a month later, I received a friend suggestion from a mutual friend and we became acquainted. Apparently, he read my chapter on Democracy at Gunpoint and that piqued his curiosity.

I’ve never had anyone take interest on me on a non-academic and non-professional level just because of my work documenting election-related violence.

But that was how we started exchanging messages and then emails. That’s how we became friends.

Six months later, he flew to the Philippines to meet me, and the rest, you get to read in different entries on this blog.

We are starting this blog to share our experiences in maintaining an extremely long- distance relationship, the US immigration process, our global south (third world)- global north (first world) perspectives, adjusting to a life in the US, causes we support, cultural differences, observations and other practical tips.

We chose the url, because we both like the practicality of plotting out plans on excel sheets, but enjoy the spontaneity of the adventure called love. Excel is also short for excellent because above all, love should be excellent.

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He writes…

I suffer from creative constipation. If you told me a little over two years ago that I’d have an opportunity to share the volumes of incredible and wonderful memories shared with the one person whom I would affectionately refer to as the “love of my life,” I wouldn’t have believed you.

And now that this opportunity has arrived, I have no idea where to begin. But I guess it’s as good a point as any to start at the most logical point: the beginning.

If you’ve lived most of your adult life as a bachelor, then you can relate to the dozens of friends, relatives, friends of relatives and relatives of friends who’ve tried to fix you up with someone with whom “you’d be perfect!”

Of course, it’s mathematically unsound to assume that commonalities, be it astrological or otherwise, form the best basis for compatibility when the human mind possesses an infinite combination of sequences of emotions that are exponentially compounded by the same of those one happens to cross paths with.

I had given up on the idea that someone in my life could pair me up with someone with whom I could share romance. I met each attempt with humorous derision.

But for some reason, one person instilled a little bit of faith in the process. And the rest, as they say, is history.

When I first thought about how to contribute to this blog about one of my favorite stories of my life, so many thoughts entered my mind about this woman who completely turned my world upside down. Creative constipation. It’s the best explanation I have to (apologetically) explain the non-sequitur-esque flow of thoughts. She’ll say it’s because I’m an English major. Whatever it may be, it’s probably just one of the many differences she and I affectionately refer to about each other, and perhaps a quality she contrasts so much so that I admired and was inspired by her succinct writing abilities in Democracy at Gunpoint.

At any rate, here we are, excited to share our experiences as acquaintances…as best friends…as a couple…as a petitioner and beneficiary…as authors…as lovers of all things sweet, sunset-y, and of each other. Proudly, unequivocally, and unadulterated loveonexcel.#

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